Welcome to NZ Sport Horses, a New Zealand-based equine sales and services business. We specialise in the resale of purebred horses and provide our clients with the highest quality horses for sale, combined with the most professional service they will find.

Show Jumpers:

Selling race horses for sale is our speciality. We have been involved in the equine industry for over 20 years and have developed a reputation for providing clients with top-quality horses at affordable prices.

Dressage Horses:

Our dressage horses for sale include stallions, mares, foals and young stock suitable for dressage training and breeding programs. Our breeding stock is carefully selected to produce high-quality dressage horses that will excel in the show ring.


We also sell eventers suitable for cross country, show jumping and dressage training programs. Our eventing horses are carefully selected from top bloodlines such as Chestnut Hill Farms, The Flying Zeebrugge and Quid Pro Quo.

horses for sale

Breeding Stock:

Our thoroughbreds are hand-picked and have been raised on our property since birth. We have close relationships with some of New Zealand’s leading breeders and trainers, who help us select our stock and provide advice when purchasing horses for clients.

Large Equines:

Our large equines include draft horses and Clydesdales that are well suited for those looking for a family horse or working animal. Many people enjoy riding these types of horses as well! These horses are bred from lines that have been in New Zealand for generations, so you can be confident that they are well suited to our climate and lifestyle conditions.

Small Equines:

We offer a wide range of ponies and miniature horses from New Zealand and worldwide. All our ponies are registered, vaccinated and microchipped before leaving our care.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Providing a database of horses for sale from all over New Zealand
  • Creating an environment where buyers can easily find what they are looking for
  • Offering free advice on purchasing or selling horses
  •  Accepting deposits for horses pending inspection or sending photos of them at any stage during their ownership


It is very important to relentlessly improve the quality of your horse selection. How you do this will differ, depending on what industry you are operating in. Regardless of the industry, however, every single employee of yours should have a minimum level of knowledge about horses and horse racing to avoid sending out poor-quality horses for sale.

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